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To achieve the determined product and service quality following special targets has been specified which are in harmony with our quality policy.

  1. We adapt all our activities to the regulations, relevant law, legislation and directives to make it reliable and ensure compliance with regulations to prevent the risks
  2. To provide the customer satisfaction by being in continuous communication with the customers and to react to the customers’ requirements in shortly as possible and assess of taken actions results by making the relevant evaluations
  3. To reduce the customer complaints every year around 10% compared to the previous year
  4. To inform the customers that we can provide an R&D support if they want to join our special projects.
  5. Providing the expert support in Occupational Safety and Occupational Health, training, risk analysis and carrying out necessary activities, working on preventing accidents for ensuring the business continuity.
  6. To arrange possibilities for internal and external trainings in order to keep the quality consciousness of employee continuous and updated.
  7. To make the employees sensitive about the environment.
  8. To provide the motivation for staff and to give them a dynamic labor environment.
  9. Measuring and evaluating our suppliers. At least 2 suppliers required for each item used in the product.
  10. Carrying out the installation and operational work of ERP software in order to make an integrated conducting for our Production, Human Resources, Finance, Sales & Purchasing and quality assurance activities.
  11. To make the statistical studies about Machinery, processes and measuring competency in order to ensure the observation of the improvements.
  12. Increasing the efficiency of maintenance activities, particularly arising from failures in order to prevent the machine posture and production disruption.
  13. Reduce scrap and waste rate by monitoring.


  1. To inform our stakeholder about our Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Targets
  2. To provide health and safety of the employee and the visitors
  3. To minimize the possible loss with defining the health, safety, environmental risks and emergency situations that may arise at the workplace.
  4. To protect the environment with supplying the non-hazardous raw materials and auxiliary materials and controlling the wastes.
  5. To protect the environment by using effective energy and natural resource
  6. To dispose our waste by not making any negative impact to the environment and to prevent the environmental pollution by taking necessary precaution.
  7. To work for the improvement and development of the environmental activity
  8. To define the environmental aspects and obeying the related obligations of the national and international rules.
  9. To apply the valid environment and occupational health and safety regulations and all requirement of the legal rules and to fulfil the customer expectation
  10. To create occupational health, safety and environmental awareness for employees,
  11. Ensuring that hazards are identified and eliminated in advance by performing on time and accurate risk analysis
  12. To provide the required resources of the Occupational Health and Safety in time and completely.
  13. To provide personal protect equipment and persuade employees to use them.


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